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OPINION - Indians will not go back to India. Here are pictures of our glorious SA history.

As tensions rise in Parts of Durban and the looming threat of a race war becomes more and more real, there is something that many of us often start to here. The phrase "Go back to your Country"'. Most Indians have heard this phrase, and its almost like a derogatory command, like someone is saying we have no place in this Country and we should just leave to India. Fortunately that is not true at all, as you'll see below. In the following fifteen pictures I will show you the struggle that Indians have faced in South Africa and tell you why this is as much our home as it is to other races.

We grew up in the struggle, and so did our families. So Many Indians have lived in Poverty in South Africa that it's almost part of our culture and who we are.

We worked for everything we had. It might not have been much, but we were still always prous of our small achievements.

Black people were not the only ones suffering from Poverty. Indians suffered equally as much and dealt with the exact same problems.

Indians also dealt with the full version of the Apartheid government too. We were treated the same way black people were treated and had the same problems as them. We were not specially favored by the Government, As many make it out to be.

From a young age Indian Children worked hard for their families and contributed to the next meal. This is why so many Indians today are hard workers.

Life finds a way, and so did many Indians. Who used entrepreneurial skills to make a life for themselves in this Country.

Our culture and games are unique to Indian South Africans and do not exist in any other groups of Indians anywhere in the world. Proving that we are as much South African as any other race.

We eventually did rise out of Poverty, using the little opportunities we had in South Africa. To make a Better lives for our family and ourselves.

We made a name for ourselves through hard work. Doing anything we could to make money and survive.

We came together, even in the harshest situations, we chose unity and strength.

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