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Look What A Shona Lady Said About Ndebele People from Zimbabwe that Caused A Huge stir/Opinion


A Shona lady from Zimbabwe has sparked up a huge debate on Socail media after he called out the Ndebele people for not wanting to be associated with Shona people .If you have ever noticed the Ndebele people get really upset when they are compared to Shona people and they dont even want to speak the Shona language yet they come from Zimbabwe where 70% of people speak Shona.So she was asking why.

The history between the Shona and Ndebele people is what makes Ndebele not to want to be associated with the Shona .Ndebele people are descendants of the Nguni tribe originally from SA .So everytime they are always reminded that they are not true Zimbabweans and also secluded from the Zim economy in terms of business and jobs .

Also tribalism began when Shona people were sent to kill the Ndebele in the Gugurahundi genocide , until today dictactor Mnagagwa refuses to apologise fir what he did.The hate that Ndebele carry was passed on from their fore fathers who told them what the Shona did to them .As long as that issue is not resolved the tribalism shall never end .

Also Shona must stop saying Ndebele people like acting like South Africans .They dont act, originally they come from South Africa so its not suprising to see them acting the same way as the Zulu and the Xhosa .They basically have the same traditions .

One last thing .Shona people must stop expecting every Ndebele person to be able to speak Shona .If they cant speak Ndebele language what makes them think Ndebele know how to speak Shona .And most of them dont have any interest in learning Shona .They would rather learn Chinese than learn Shona and they must respect their decesion .

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