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Zola7 to be part of the Arts and Culture recreation activities in Gauteng

We know that there has been an outcry from the public to help Zola7 and now it looks like help os coming his way. However, it looks like it has come much sooner than expected and some are already criticizing the kind of help that he is getting.

It was good when he was being assisted by the public and private people. Now that the government has stepped in this matter to also assist, people are now questioning the motive of the government altogether.

This comes after the department of arts and culture has now made itself available to help Zola 7. Some people are not happy at all. They are saying that the department is choosing who they are helping out. Some are now saying that many artists are struggling out there and some of them have even died without getting any help from the government. The government is not a private sector. It is their responsibility to ensure that they assist all the artists and not only their choice because of the popularity of the artist.

The Minister of arts and culture together with the MEC is just trying to be in the limelight. But maybe this time around they are doing something good because we know that the minister is always accused of only showing up when the artists have passed on. This time around he did not wait for the situation to come that far. The MEC is trying so hard to ensure that Zola 7 is integrated into the plans of the department.

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