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Pan Africanism is a powerful ideology that might not go away soon

Pan Africanism is a powerful ideology that might not go away soon. But can it really succeed without an Afrocentric philosophy to get to its final destination?

According to Kwame Toure(aka Stokely Carmichael)Pan Africanism is an objective-the political unity of the continent and its diaspora. His definition is consistent with Kwame Nkrumah's vision of "Cape to Cairo".

But none of them where able to fully explore the dialects of Pan Africanism. This perhaps explains why the Pan Africanist victory has been delayed and diluted over time.

For example, what is the historical and psychological factors of identity that justifies the unification of Black Africans with Arab North? And who should Africans in diaspora and continental Africans see themselves as one people amid the cultural differences? And what cultural value will hold together the continent in times of deep crisis?

The answer to those questions can only be found in Afrocentricity.

Professor Professor Kete Ashante defines Afrocentricity as "African centeredness". In other words a paradigm shift from Eurocentrism and Arabianism to a way of thinking which makes African personality the subject of civilization and not the object being acted upon.

Afrocentricity therefore, advocates for cultural revolution to change the mentality of all melanated people who have long been dominated by outsiders. The end goal is to bring them all on the same page of shared values, common cultural identity and liberate them completely from the grip of Eurocentrism and other foreign ism.

If Pan Africanism succeed without Afrocentricity, Africa will experience serious identity crisis that will lead to a catastrophic end.

Take North Africa for example, most of them use Islamic fundamentalism as a way to fight against any injustices. And that could be detrimental to Sub-Sahara Africa.

Obviously, for Pan Africanism to succeed it must use Afrocentricity as a philosophy to prepare the mentality of the people. Tribalism and Eurocentrism have no bearing in the Afrocentric mindset.

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