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7 Movies With Unhappy Endings That People Seem To Love

Dead poets society

"Robin Williams' more serious performance was introduced to me in this fantastic film. I cried when I saw him cry at the end when he got the news, and then again as he left the class." 

"Four decades ago, the lovely film forewarned us about toxic masculinity."


"It's a tragic ending, but it's probably the only one Maximus could have desired after his wife and child died." 

"That's the thing that irritates me. He makes such an effort and is only truly whole when he is among his family." 

The truman show

"It appearsto have a pleasant ending without thinking about it. But, when you think about it, Truman will never be able to live a normal life." 

"Even if he is able to have a regular life afterward, he will never be able to reclaim everything that has been taken from him."

Gone girl

"I saw this in a theater, and there was complete silence at the conclusion." 

"What's even scarier is that the book's conclusion is even more messed up. In comparison to Book Amy, Movie Amy is a bit of a snoozer." 

Bridge to Terabithia

"Not so interesting fact: the story is based on a true story about the author's kid and a buddy. In real life, the girl died when she was struck by lightning, but the publishers decided that was too outlandish, so the death was changed to drowning. After that, the author's kid grew up and developed the screenplay for a film based on his childhood experiences."


"Perfect conclusion. Brad Pitt stipulated in his contract that the studio could not modify the conclusion, even if it did not perform well in the box office. If the ending had been different, the movie would have been terrible. Brad, you've done a fantastic job. 

The fox and the hound

"They're no longer adversaries, but their close friendship is over and will never return. It died along with their childhood, and just thinking about it makes me cry. They are now strangers, living in different worlds with only their recollections, asking to themselves, "Do you remember my best friend from years ago?" "I hope he's doing well."


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Maximus Robin Williams'


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