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Did you know about this Yao culture group in Africa? See where they come from: Opinion

I have seen people posting Paris, showing the Eiffel Tower. Some people are posting the tradition of the Scottish people, some are inspired by Thailand, some are inspired by Black Americans, some inspired by the Indian cultures and some like Arabian cultures.

They are very few people that I have seen promoting our own African cultures. We have gotten so many cultures that we can be able to be proud of in Africa. Besides cultures, we have got beautiful places that we can post on our social media pages and show the world.

We have got Zanzibar, Victoria Falls, Table Mountains and so many beautiful things in Africa. Our cultures are so beautiful besides just this one that is posted. We got Zulus, Xosas, Shanganes, Vendas, Seatis, Shonas, Swahilis and so many more.

We have got a certain uniqueness and beautiful styles in how we portray the kind of the people that we are. Also how we show the world our beliefs and traditions. This is a good start for Africans to be Africans, this is a good start for Africans to boost their self-esteem, no to always have inferiority complex because we are trying to compare ourselves with the westerns. Read the report below about this beautiful Yao culture group.

The Yao Tribe- Mozambique🇲🇿, Malawi🇲🇼, Tanzania🇹🇿

The Yao (also Yawo) are a Bantu tribe who originated in Mozambique and today can be found in Mozambique, Malawi, and Tanzania. Historically, the tribe became one of power and influence as they grew rich through coastal trade with the Arabs who arrived at Africa‘s Southeastern coast.

A small tribe of about 2 million people, the Yao speak a language known as Chiyao. They are a farming and fishing tribe whose economic development depends heavily on agriculture. The Yao cultivate cassava, rice, corn, bananas, nuts, wheat, and various other crops.

Yao are predominantly Muslim, with many incorporating their original tribal beliefs into their practice of Islam.

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