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Mzansi left speechless by two ladies carrying alcohol in a three legged pot.

Things are not longer being done as before. Things are evolving as such the new generation is modifying things, so that they can suit them. They are still doing what is required of them when it comes to culture. But also making sure that they are comfortable as well. 

One of the long standing cultural practices, is the one where the daughter in law of the family slaves around the house. From cooking to everything. Some take those chores as a way to prove that they can take care of their husbands. They rarely rest when they are visiting. The best part is that they also know.

Things have changed though and daughter in laws are not expected to run around like before. A twitter user shared pictures of herself and another lady dressed in traditional dresses. They were carrying the big three legged pot. What left Mzansi speechless was the fact that it had alcohol inside instead of food. We definitely have a new age makoti.

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