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'See 4 people who went too far with their tattoos to make them look beautiful.

The creator made us in his own image and likeness, and he formed us in a way that was completely unique. Everyone is attractive and lovely, but it is what you do that distinguishes you as attractive.

When a gorgeous person walks down the street, people will stop and look at her, exclaiming, "Wow." However, when an ugly person walks down the street, people will stop and look away.

However, if you are a bad-looking or an unattractive person who does exceptional job, people will pay attention to you or will take notice of your accomplishments.

Most people believe that the beautiful are observed while the ugly are not, but your actions will also reveal this. God made us in the manner in which he desired, but mankind is attempting to convince God that what he has created is not pleasant.

It's true that God gave us a certain nail color, but humans will change it, just as they will change the color of our hair or the color of our skin. This merely indicates that they don't like what God made, or that they believe what God created is unworthy of them.

As awful as all of this is, it reminds me of a proverb that states that no matter how old a person is, they are still a kid to their mother. As a result, no matter where you stand, you are still subject to God.

Let's start with the main purpose for our visit: to learn more about you.

Tattooing is the application of a stain to the skin to create a design. Many individuals get tattoos done on their bodies to memorialize someone they've lost or to commemorate a significant event that has occurred in their lives.

Others use it to adorn their bodies, or perhaps it is an addiction, to attract attention, or to be recognized as a unique individual in a group, however some people took it too far. The following are examples of people who went too far with their tattoos:


In the photo above, the man had tattooed his body to the point where his eyes were transformed to a dark shade of blue and his tongue was divided in half, with the resulting stains on his face.


This individual went beyond with his tattoo, completely coloring his face and removing his nose and ears. He had his eyes blackened, and he had horns made for himself.


This lovely lady went a little too far with her tattoo, coloring the inside of her eye a bright blue color.


This individual also had his entire body tattooed and even went so far as to taint his eye with ink. On top of that, he had black horns inserted into his skull.

What are your thoughts on this?

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