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“See” in pics | Top Five Tribes with the most beautiful ladies. Number 2 will amaze you.

Since it's heritage month I've decided to give you high quality and engaging content about our diverse cultures. We all know that South Africa has been famously referred to as the rainbow nation because it is made up of so many diverse cultures and religions. Within South Africa there are Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Tswana, Sotho, Venda, Tsonga, Ndebele, Khoisan, Hindu, Muslim, and Afrikaner people to name but a few.

When it comes to beauty, there are only top 5 tribes in Mzansi that knows how to portray their tribe and also has the most beautiful women in south Africa, and here are they :

1. The Zulu tribe.

The Zulu tribe originated from the KwaZulu-Natal and is one of the most decorated tribes in South Africa. The Zulu's are well known for their resistances against the white Colonization in the late 18th century during the era of their greatest king of all time Shaka Zulu.

The Zulu's have dominated South Africa when it comes to the entertainment industry as well as in politics. The likes of Nomzamo Mbatha and Pearl Thusi as well as Minnie Dlamini represent the Zulu beauty in the entertainment world. When it comes to politics the Zulu's have The former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma and the likes of Zondo, David Mabuza and also Mzwanele Manyi.

Here are the pictures of some beautiful ladies of the Zulu tribe:

2. THE Xhosa tribe:

The Xhosa Nation is made from two sub tribes. The major tribes are the amaGcaleka and amaRharhabe; AmaRharhabe are made from AmaNgqika, amaMbalu, amaNtinde, amaGqunukhwebe, imiDange, imiDushane, and amaNdlambe.

The Xhosa's originated from eastern cape and are also well known for the frontier wars of the 17th century against the white colonies. Now the province of eastern cape is well respected after the passing of the Great Xhosa legend Nelson Mandela.

Xhosa are one of the tribes with the most beautiful ladies in South Africa, who have taken over the South African entertainment industry. The Xhosa has the likes of Thuli Phongolo, the former Miss Universe(ZOZIBINI TUNZI) and Hollywood's finest Trevor Noah. 

See pictures of the most beautiful ladies in the Xhosa tribe:

3. The venda Tribe:

Limpopo is one of the provinces that shows a great variety of diversity in South Africa because the pedis and sothos and also tsonga's are originated from Limpopo. One of the tribes which is also from Limpopo is the Vhavenda tribe. 


The venda tribe is regarded as of the powerful tribe in South Africa because of they had their own state back in the apartheid era. The state was led by the King of kings Mr Mphephu Ramabulana. 

Many venda people have made it to the top, because we have many celebrities like Makhadzi, Mizo phyl, the late Joe Mafela and Mrs South Africa Shudufhadzo Musida and President of South Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa. 

See pictures of the most ladies of the Venda tribe here:

4. Sothos:

The Basotho can hint their origins to the pre-anciental age. The Basotho, additionally called Sotho speakers, are stated to have originated from the north of Southern Africa. The Basotho made their way down as numerous tribes settled in specific components of the country. Some companies settled withinside the west, at the same time as others settled withinside the east and similarly south. 

But many Sotho speaking people are from the North West and Free state . The Sotho people are well-known for their wars with the Zulus in the past under the leadership of king Moshoeshoe. 

Now the Sotho clan is one of the Peace full and most decorated tribes in South Africa. The Sotho clan has given us many celebrities like Gadaffi from generation and Tau from generations too. The Sotho clan has many ladies. Look at the pictures below:

5. The Ndebeles.

The Ndebele are ancient offshoots of the main Nguni-speaking peoples and began migrations to the Transvaal region in the 17th century. The Ndebeles don't have an actual province of origin since they migrated to different parts of South Africa in the 17th century. 

The Ndebeles are well known for respecting their culture. They mark their existence by painting their huts. The Ndebele tribe has the most beautiful ladies in South Africa, see pictures below :

Which Tribe do you think has the most beautiful ladies in South Africa. Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section

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