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Watch video - 14 Black Inventors Who The World Owes Gratitude For Their Inventions

14 Black Inventors Who The World Owes Gratitude For Their Inventions

Let’s brag a little about the inventions by African Americans, and how black people are not worthless like European scholars and white supremacists will have you believe. From the traffic light to elevators, and images of space, black inventors in history have revolutionized the way we live, and understand the universe.

OPINION- PLEASE MY PEOPLE, we don't have to pick up various weapons of destruction against one another or against others, to show grit and a sick sense of power. Our brains have shown us the means of survival to a better way of life. PLEASE READ of the different inventions produced and implant in our brains the importance of the wonderful contributions that have been put into action in making America great after the Civil War thru now (1865 thru 2022). We have come a long way in this country please let us work together and stop the foolishness and push hate and racism aside by putting forth the greatness of togetherness for 'WE The People'.

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