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7+Photos in paintings by Rasta the artist that will amaze you: OPINION

South Africa like any other countries promotes the self art and technology.

Being able to draw nor paint an individual as a tricky thing to do and it requires a lot of skills to excell in that field.

Below are the images that Rasta the Artist provided to the public including popular celebrities of South Africa.

With so many painting he has done before, Rasta seems to be prouder and happy for himself.

The confidence a pHmong Rasta the artist is non comperable to anyone and he is always drawing.

Pictures above shows the painting that was done by Rasta the Artis and himself. Although some of his first followrs on Twitter Hates his doings, Rasta did not tend to continue doing a great job and giving people what they deserve.

He has drawn a lot of celebrities after honouring them when they parish.Celebs like Killer Kau, Shona Ferguson and Tshepo Tshola was one of many that were drawn by Rasta.

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