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Watch what is happening in Egypt that will change African history forever.

A huge construction that will take the African continent to the top has started. The longest monorail in African history is under construction in Egypt. Egypt is a very famous country that is found in the Northeast side of Africa. Its popularity rose thousands of years ago, in the times of Cleopatra (queen of Egypt - 51 to 30 BCE), the pyramids there, and the rich history of mother nature that is attached to it such as deserts, rocks, carvings, caves , camels and languages. With an addition of a monorail, it will surely be the most perfect African region cooperative of both nature and the amazing work of science, engineering and technology.

Under estimation and in accordance to Africa Facts Zone, the monorail will cost four point five billions of dollars ($4.5B) and will cover one hundred kilometers (100 km).

The name alluded to it is "Greater Cairo Monorail".

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