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Mamgashoa, The Luck Bringing Half Snake Half Woman Wife That Makes Brave Men Rich

There is a tale about a creature that one can only dream about in nightmares that also have a good side to them every now and then. This creature is often mentioned in African stories that were told by our great grandfather's and granny's alike. This is the story of a species of women who live in another world under the world that we live in. This world has Caves and pathways inside of the Earth that only they know how to navigate. The women come and visit the surface world because theyve reached adult hood and they are looking for a human man. The half man half snake men don't have a heart, and therefore can't show affection and love. They spend their time wandering their world in packs and scaring humans who wander too close through the underground passageways. These women do not die, so one Mamgashoa can visit a Tribe for several generations trapping men. She spends her time in the shadows when she is on the surface. Sometimes she waits in the water and when a man that she like passes, she shows half of her body and keeps her tail submerged so you think that she's a human woman. This woman will ask you if you want your dreams to come true,she will have felt your heart and realized that you are brave enough to see a creature like her. If you say yes, she will tell you that she can make you rich, but you are going to have to be her man and come visit her anytime that she wants you to. When you accept her terms she will come out of the darkness or the water and reveal to you her true shape. Through the entrances to her world are places that have gold and diamonds, she will take you underground to the place where it is most abundant. She will tell you that you can only come alone there because there are other creatures like her that won't tolerate other humans there. She will call upon you with a call that you can't resist. You will just enter a trance and start moving in the direction of the cave. You will find yourself in the spot where the gold is situated without knowing how you got there. After every meeting between the two of you, she will give you gold, up until the day that you die. She will never allow you to have a human wife because she shares her luck with you, and if you have another wife, you will share her luck with your wife as well. These creatures are a myth, but a lot of people in the rural areas of Tzaneen claim to have actually seen them in places that are known for very mysterious activity. You never know, I believe that it's best to keep an open mind because we haven't explored the whole world inside out yet, you never know. You might just meet a half woman half snake girl in the woods at night after a drunk shortcut thought.

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African Mamgashoa


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