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Growing up I used to love art and drawing, today here I am pursuing a dream in make up

A make up artist is known to be somebody whose medium is the human body, applying make up and prosthetics on others usually for theatre, television, film, fashion, magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the modelling industry. Some people choose to have it done for personal purposes. In todays article we come across yet another inspiring individual by the name of Nsovo Prudence Moila, a 25 years old young lady from Namagale in Phalaborwa but was bred in Giyani section F.

"Growing up I used to love art and drawing, today here I am pursuing a dream in becoming one of the best make up artists around. Auspicious Beauty Studio is not just a brain child anymore but an existing brand, its now been in existence for the past two years"

Nsovo was somebody who was focused and goal orientated, her plans included becoming an engineer, she was brought up in a Christian family and led a Christian life

"I was introduced to make up by my twin sister, I became very passionate about it from the get go and as time went by I realized that I was really good at it. My twin sister couldn't match my skill, I also began experimenting on people and that's how I started growing the confidence to turn my skill into a brand(Auspicious Beauty Studio).

As for her educational background Miss Moila spoke about a career in Electrical Engineering, she currently studies the course as she grows and builds a client base for her beauty studio.

"I am totally impressed by myself and efforts, I had no idea that I was capable of juggling the two passions I chose, its definitely not an easy thing however its worth my while. I also enjoy challenges, its one of the best ways of growing in the industry I have gotten myself in, we have a lot of competition out there so I have to make sure I put on my A-Game or loose. I also believe that with the kind of inspiration I draw from some of the best MAUs Tailor made Jane together with Oma Belle I am most likely to stand out in my profession, those are the two most amazing and most successful make up artists I know and want to see myself becoming more like them or better for that matter"-says Nsovo.

Auspicious Beauty Studio is available in the digital space including Instagram(@Nsovo-vovo), to see most of their work kindly visit their profile and book yourself a face beat you will forever be happy with

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Namagale Phalaborwa


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