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The Popular Grammar Mistakes Most Writers Make

Nothing threatens a writer more than the poor implementation of grammar. The only thing worse than bad grammar is just having content nobody wants to read. 


 It's a Common Problem 


 Word Counter is no stranger to the issues and challenges that writers face in their respective career paths. Learning to use grammar correctly is a common problem or challenge. If the position of editor would simply not be necessary. 


 It is very common for an author to have difficulty editing their work. This isn't necessarily an ego issue either, just the fact that many writers are creative and therefore more concerned with the "big picture". its creation. Taking the time to detach from the overall impact of your work and focus on the essentials of the mechanics can be a huge challenge for an author when it comes to their work. 


 So don't be surprised or angry at yourself if you find it difficult to hit the proverbial wall when it comes to editing your work. Finding outside sources for your edit is an essential tool to make your writing stand out. A certain level of talent when it comes to helping others process their work does not always translate to the same level of processing power when it comes to focusing on oneself. 

The Four Most Important Things to Focus on in Your Edits 


 So when it comes to your editing skills, there are certain things you can practice that will greatly advance your editing process. Don't be exhaustive or complicated. We just want to point you to very common errors that are easy to find and fix that will improve your writing content! 


 Loose homophones! 


 The number one problem that can be easily fixed without wasting your editor's time is homophones. These are words that are phonetically identical but not only have different spellings but also different meanings. 


 Common examples of homophones would be words like "they" and "their" or "plane" and "simple". Start training your brain on how to spot these mistakes and save your editor the trouble of correcting something you can absorb how to correct from! 




 Commas do not connect independent thoughts! A comma splice is probably the most common mistake a writer makes when it comes to abusing the power of the comma. This happens when two independent clauses are joined and unjoined. with a conjunction or a semicolon. If you have two independent clauses, just do the right thing and omit a period, conjunction, or semicolon rather than a comma. 


 The sentence that goes on 


 You're a writer and you're passionate and WE LOVE THIS! However, this sometimes leads to multiple thoughts that do not live in their independent clauses. The long sentence is perhaps one of the most difficult grammatical errors for an author to spot. 


 The thought was electric and your fingers flew across the keyboard. This means that it can be difficult to go back and view the terminated process as faulty. A great way to find out if your sentences read to be two or three. separate sentences attempt to represent the clauses graphically. If you have independent clauses, break that bad boy! 


 Apostrophe Action 


 This is another area of ​​the editing process where you can learn. Apo strophes indicate possession, but not after possessive pronouns. Not only that, but sometimes we form a plural instead of a possessive pronoun by using apostrophes incorrectly. Having your fingers fly across the keyboard is an incredibly easy and very simple mistake to make. notice and fix as you go! 


 Don't be discouraged! 


 Always remember that the edition is absque and independent of the typeface. Even if you're currently tasked with being your content editor, it still requires another side of your brain and needs to be a separate process. 


 When it comes down to it, don't be discouraged if editing your content doesn't come naturally to you. If you're an experienced writer, over time you'll learn how to create better content from scratch. ; However, don't be discouraged that your content won't always be perfect. 

 Cheer up and keep learning and just keep writing!

Remember, readers are leaders!

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