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Remember The Girl With The Most Beautiful Handwriting In The World ? (Photos)

People all throughout the world display a vast range of skills. Have you heard about the girl with the most incredible penmanship ever discovered? Allow me to declare unequivocally that she possesses an intrinsic skill set. Prakriti Malla, a female student, is noted for her beautiful handwriting, which she has displayed throughout her academic career.

Prakriti Malls, a Nepalese eighth-grader, has gained international attention for her exquisite handwriting. She's a calligrapher who belongs to the International Association of Calligraphers (IACL). She has become well-known on social media because to her beautiful handwriting and has earned an award from the Nepalese government.

She is presently enrolled in Sanik awasiya mahavidyalaya school, where she is fifteen years old. She comes from the village of Sanik in the Himalayan region of Bhutan, and she was the winner of a handwriting competition held in Napal and organized by the Napalese administration. Her handwriting has become so well-known that it has been adopted as Microsoft's official handwriting style across all of its products.

Take a look at these examples of her lovely writing:

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