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BOOK REVIEW: Atomic Habits by James Clear.

James Clear is one of the most influential writers in the world, he is also a very necessary individual who through his life experiences in collaboration with schemas is able to create life changing books. He was born in the US (United States) , Hamilton. He has two of the most best selling books. Moreover, Clear is a fitness junkie, an entrepreneur and photographer.

This article will focus on reviewing a few pages of his book "Atomic Habits: An easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones". He wrote this books after he was immensely injured due to being hitted with a baseball bat, this incident transformed his life forever and was the birth of his amazing #1 New York Times Bestseller.

As it is self explanatory, "Atomic Habits" is a self help / development book that dwells on the importance of small Habits that can lead to a better life. Clear stresses the fact that in this day and age, "big moves" are apparently "good moves". In other terms,in order to be reach success one needs to move fast and big. Well, this is not always the case according to this book.

Success is a series of small daily attainments or "systems" as Clear argues that lead to the goal. One profound phenomenon that many humans wrongly comprehend is the concept of Goals. This book advises people to shy away from focusing on the "goals" but rather strategize on the "systems" that will lead to the goal. To clarify, one's goal may be to lose weight, they need to exercise daily to reach the ultimate goal. One's goal may be to graduate, they need to study daily. One's goal may to open a business, they need to read business books, take business classes or start up their business plan. One's goal may to be millionaire, they need to save up and invest small amounts first.All of these are the systems that will eventually lead to the goal if made to be habitual and Atomic.

The books discusses a lot of positive factors and is utterly educational.

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