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The Danger Of Having Jealous Friends; See What This Man Did To His Best Friend That Cost His Life

The Danger Of Having Jelous Friends. See What This Man Did To His Best Friend That Cost His Life


Some friends does not deserve to be called best friends. I mean why is it that we hearing about friend who happen to poison his best because he was getting rich than him. Peoe should know that if you sleep you will be left behind. If you are close to a person who is more clever than you, you join the name even though you don't reach his level but as long as you are doing well in life and be happy with what you have. As more will still be coming as days passes by.

I was left shattered when I come across a article speaking about the Nigerian Man who has been poisoned by his friend at a Party reason because he was richer than him. Jelous Friends are not needed in our life, too hell with jelous friends. Apparently there is a video which is currently circulating which was share by one of reliable source exposing how friends where seen happy. They were busy enjoying their special moments with alcohol in hands. 

The man whose name was not identified was seen laying on the hospital bed just after his friends were celebrating with him in his success. In the video he was seem looking very weak and sick. In the video one of his friends was heard saying that nothing will happened to him. Henhas assured that he will soon go home regardless the state he is. According to the source it was confirmed by the doctor that he was poisoned bit it's not clear as to which category either food or alcohol. 

The sad news was announced by one of influencer Atinkanews confirming that he died of heart disease in Dubai. The danger of having bad friends who don't wish you the good things in life.

It's sad that the friends who pretended to be the best friend is the one who will bit you where you least expected. This proves that some friends are fake. They are two face walking with us without knowing what they thinking. People need to be careful on the friends they choose because nor everyone will be happy for you prospering.

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