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5 Confusing And Hilarious Photos

More often than we may realize we find ourselves in a situation that, from an outside perspective, is bizarre. The problem is we're just so used to it that we're not able to notice. But we are here on a mission to show you some weird pictures that show how most of us are strangely living our lives. So strap in and see if you can relate to any of the following photos.

1. Image That Screws With Your Mind

This image does a pretty good job of screwing with your mind because, only if you squint, then you get to see the smiling woman.

We have to say that this image can freak you out real bad. We will only recommend it to those people who are at work and want to waste a few minutes of their life.

2. Dual Roles To Play

The architect who designed this clock seems like a fan of an eagle and a pirate. Because that'll explain why the clock looks like an eagle by day and a pirate by night.

People living there are always confused by it. And if you ever thought eagles and pirates could never be together, here is a perfect collab for you. It sure does look quite impressive though, right?

3. "Time To Execute The Plan"

After looking at this photo, we are not sure if this man got the upper hand or if it's all part of his cat's evil plan. But it seems like the cat can no longer play the waiting game.

The cat might be thinking about how he caught wind of her evil plan. As much as we'd like to warn this guy, we're afraid that it's already too late...

4. When Taking a Photo is More Important

Safety can go to hell when you get to take a bad-ass photo like this one, right? Wrong! Squeezing into a shifting fault line is just stupid.

This man doesn't care about his body and wants to take a photo for the sake of a few likes on social media. It's a problem since he's not made of steel.

5. Nightmare Makeup

We are saying sorry in advance if this picture gives you any nightmares in the future. Even looking at this photo can make some people skip a heartbeat.

The girl looks like she's all ready to become an evil spirit. All we can hope is that she takes some makeup classes.


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