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Mamgashoa, The Spirit Bride, Fiction

There have long been tales of a woman snake like creature that men have always been running into in the jungle near big rivers. This creature is a half woman half snake hybrid. She comes from behind the waterfalls in the hollow part of the mountain. This Mythical creature is fond of human men so it often shows itself to lost men in the woods. Once you have seen this creature it never wants to leave your side because it views you as a husband. The Mamgashoa will change shape and have human legs like those of a normal girl. She will become your wife and follow you home to stay with you, Once there you will procreate and make babies. She carries luck with her everywhere she goes, this is because she has lived for a very long time underground among minerals. Their life span is not the same as our life span, they live forever. When you eventually become old and die, the first born child between you and Mamgashoa will be human. He will stay behind with your house and belongings, The rest of your children will leave with Mamgashoa, and they will go back into the hollow of the Mountain behind the Waterfall. She will raise the rest of her children to be like her, the first born child will never see them again. She will wait until she finds another unsuspecting wanderer, and do the exact same thing that she did with you. It's the life cycle of the Great Mamgashoa.

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Mamgashoa The Spirit Bride


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