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"A Picture With A Thousand Words" - Reactions As This Photo Surfaces Online

Comments on this photo on the internet include the phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words." 

It was a harrowing experience to learn about the history of the slave trade in Africa during the early 1990s. Human beings were also beaten and tortured in Ghana, as was the case in other parts of Africa. Historically, we know that the vast majority of black people living in Europe now are derived from forefathers who were sold or compelled into the slave trade by their European ancestors. 

In other cases, parents were aware that they were trading their children for foreign goods such as alcoholic beverages and guns, among others. Some of the individuals who were sold were raped, tortured, and beaten as punishment. After surviving the tortures and making it to their destination, those who manage to escape are sold into a variety of gruesome servitude jobs. 

In the photograph above, you can see a sculpture of a slave woman with a small girl standing in front of it. Her curiosity is understandable, and she's undoubtedly asking why the mother was encircled by hefty chains that wrapped around her entire body. This picture illustrates the agony, pain, distress, and violent treatment that certain Africans have endured at the hands of white people in the past, as depicted by the artist. 

Because they were considered 'animals,' the slaves were practically naked, with nothing to conceal their nakedness. In reality, this image is "A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words" since we can communicate what we've been told, but we have no knowledge what transpired at the time of the photograph.. Many Africans were continuously traumatized by images like this, which reminded them of how their forefathers had been treated by white men in the nineteenth century. 

Take a peek at the reactions of various Ghanaians when they first viewed this sculpture:

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