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Painful Story Of Man Who Was Killed After He Invented A Car Model That Uses Water Instead Of Fuel

As the world continues to accept new technologies and new ideas, famous and great people in the past have paid the ultimate price, even some with their own lives.

Everything we create has the potential to make our lives better, yet new ideas and innovations might pose a threat to those that have already been created and may not make it. As with new concepts and inventions, this is true. We are all aware that in order to make room for the new, the old needs to be destroyed.

Stanley Meyer came up with a game-changing invention, but it cost him his life when he saw it through.

The invention is currently on hold due to the demise of the inventor. He would have had a significant impact on the path of history, even though Stanley died in 1903.

A water-powered car, rather than a gasoline-powered one, was created by Stanley in the 1990s. In today's world, everyone knows that fuel is an important resource. The money saved on gasoline could have been used for more important things for all the people it would have spared.

Many individuals around the world, particularly those with low incomes, can no longer afford oil because of growing prices. When Stanley was created in 1975, the United States was in the midst of a catastrophic economic crisis.

Saudi Arabia had just announced that it would no longer be importing any oil until further notice. Due to the terrible situation of the economy and the rising cost of oil, many drivers were unable to fill up their tanks. Here, Stanley came up with his brilliant answer to the problem, which was an immediate and hugely successful success.

The water-powered vehicle Stanley had created and was so proficiently using had reached the pinnacle of its development at this moment. But he didn't realize his wonderful invention, which had given the world much hope, wouldn't be well received by everyone. To power the car, engineers relied on a well-established scientific principle: breaking water molecules into smaller bits yielded hydrogen. The energy needed to run the car was generated throughout this operation.

Right from the start, Stanley was met with a lot of opposition. He'd been traveling throughout the country to deliver speeches about his idea to various audiences. Much work was required to keep this project from going forward because if it did, the world oil and gasoline industry would be doomed.

He was shot and assassinated in a restaurant with his brother in March 1998 by a hired assassin. He later died as a result of his exposure to foodborne illness. According to his brother, before he died, he said, "They have poisoned me."

Despite the fact that Stanley's idea was undoubtedly the spark for his death, it is still unknown what caused his death many years after his death.

Stanley's death and the claim that he saw a murder because of his invention remain unsolved despite the passage of time.

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