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" God, Help Me To Deal With The Sluggish And Foolish People Around Me "

God instructs us on how to deal (or not deal) with two types of individuals in this passage. He's also admonishing us about the lowly position we'll have in His Kingdom if we choose to be either a fool or a sluggard.

A fool in this context does not just refer to someone with a low IQ. Folly is not the same as lack of intelligence, just as wisdom is not the same as intelligence. Many intelligent and well-educated people are idiots! And those who listen to the Holy Spirit rather than worldly wisdom are some of the wisest people in the Bible and today.

We can see from this that those who despise God's wisdom are not worth much to Him. He warns us against putting them in positions of power or trusting them. He also warns us not to listen to their remarks or engage in important conversations with them. They can't comprehend God's Truth, so it's pointless to try to expand their horizons by providing them with new ideas. A closed mind is a sign of a fool. While it is crucial to speak to them in terms of their restricted ideas, it is also critical not to encourage or act as if we believe or care about the false beliefs they hold.

Fools adore themselves and enjoy hearing themselves speak, but their words are worthless. A stone tied in a sling is useless since the sling will no longer function properly. Attempting to work with or interact with fools is also futile. In reality, it can be dangerous in the hands of an alcoholic, similar to a thorn bush. Because fools adore themselves and can't be trusted, their erroneous comments, bad decisions, wicked speech, grumbling, and even foolish deeds can cause a lot of harm.

Slackers are also useless to God's kingdom since they are full of self-centeredness and excuses for not working. Worst of all, he simply listens to what he wants to hear and acts on what he wants to act on. He believes he is always correct in his own views and refuses to listen to the advice of others. He may have a long list of tragic anecdotes about how life has been unfair to him and uses them as an excuse to continue to be sluggish. He will beg but not labor, relying on others to help him and give what he requires without lifting a finger or considering doing something productive for himself or others.

The last quality shared by both sluggards and fools is the belief that they are always correct. A mentality blocked to Holy Spirit's living truth cannot help anyone, and such a person cannot truly help oneself. Repeating filthy habits and patterns of living and refusing to live up to the light that Holy Spirit puts into our lives through conviction makes for a sad and useless life and legacy.

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