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The artist and her work, "The artist is also a work of art." One compliments

Art is very beautiful and it takes a person of a certain caliber to understand and appreciate beautiful art. I guess for us to understand why others appreciate art over others we need to realise that visual sensitivity is an attribute that’s not shared equally across the population. It’s also not training that is equally available across the population.

One lady has captivated the eyes of many art lovers after she made this post.👇🏾

The lady's lovely paintings were praised by many on social media. Others felt inspired by the lady, one guy even went on to say, "The artist is also a work of art."

One thing l know is that art is essentially an expression of an emotion. A painting, a drawing or an essay, trigger certain emotions in people. Depending on how strongly they feel that emotion, the better are the chances of people appreciating that art.

However, in some cases a person might not feel any emotion due to the lack of understanding what the art is trying to express. In such cases, people just dismiss it saying its not a good piece of art, they might also say this if the emotion triggered isn’t strong enough.

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