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When you build a house know the origin of that house, check out this stunning double storey features

When were the initial two-story (or taller) houses fabricated?

Tony Soph, London

The Romans fabricated condo squares of up to five stories for conventional individuals long before Christ - they were designated "insulae" (islands). Other old civilsations fabricated enormous multi-story castles and sanctuaries millennia prior, for instance the Egyptians, the Chinese, and the Sumerians.

Path Blume, Marrickville, Australia

The Minoans were building elaborate castles like the one at Knossos from no less than 3,000 BC. My theory would be that straightforward two story homes date from the earliest time of block structures. Jericho was around in 7,000 BC. Anybody know about a two story tent ?I present to you a beautiful house storey house that has the most impressive features.

First floor specifications:

Double garage


Plan kitchen

Three standard bedrooms and one main bedroom with a walk in closet.

Gym area

Fire place

First floor.


Guest bedroom.

Main bedrooms with full ensuite.


Two Bathrooms

Study area

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