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Talented Artist Turns Scrap Metal Into Beautiful Sculptures.

The adage "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is accurate. Just take a look at the art that people are creating from rubbish or waste. It is very fascinating how people are making art with materials like pallets, old tires, and even plastic.

John Lopez is another artist that transforms trash into works of art. He is currently creating art out of scrap metal.

John Lopez is a South Dakota-based American artist who creates remarkable life-size sculptures out of junk he comes across on his travels.

The iconic images of the bison, the cowboy on his horse, the grizzly bear, and even dinosaurs – a reference to archaeological sites, which are relatively common there – are just a few of the influences Lopez draws from when designing his creations. Lopez is passionate about the unique cultural characteristics of his region, the Midwest.

The texture of his pieces are my favorite feature. Simply picking up pieces from the pile and welding them in produces a really cool texture that I've never seen before in this kind of piece. If you weld enough of the same piece on repeatedly, it develops. And in my opinion, that is what attracts viewers to his sculptures.

Have a look at his beautiful sculpture he created from scrap metal.

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