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Someone did a portrait of Julius Malema. What is your take on the artwork

Someone did this portrait of Julius Malema within an image they wished to see from him. It is fascinating to see how he is being appreciated and even art is working with him in different images. It does not come from a view of trying to drag or make fun of the EFF leader. He is having a lot of influence because he is being art-worked in different pictures.


There is no form or method to be followed when it comes to the art world. Surely Julius did not find it very bad coming from the picture, other than being admired. Surely, if he gets to have a different haircut, it would be a wonderful look for him. He is very famous and surely more people would want to have him. There

are so many artworks that have a huge surprise and are unique. Rasta is one person who is different from his artwork, and he is making it to the trending list the moment he shares his artwork or painting. As much as he is being dragged on social media, he does not stop and other people find the paintings very fascinating.


Malema from his account on Twitter. From the bio he updated "fools get blocked, no Facebook account", but this artwork surely does not come from that point. It would be surprising if he reacted in an unexpected manner. There are numerous other artwork images that you would find highly contentious.


artwork are simply about making people laugh the moment they see their artwork. Leonardo from Cape Town dies with artwork that you will find more amusing because he started by trying to make people laugh. He is doing a great job, and he remains unknown because he does not want people to see his face.

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Julius Julius Malema


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