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OPINION - This is why you should never give your money to beggar

In existence, when you observe sure conditions where the existence of sure humans, you say to yourself but wait, is it possible? nicely that is the case of Adama Traoré, forty, Ivorian painter. , he's one-armed.

you may be thinking how he produces his paintings? the solution may be found a little further down. you may truly meet him at the entrance to Sococé 2 trays inside the city of Cocody, from a hypermarket. you'll be able to see together with your own eyes how he creates his art work with his mouth.

This terrific work enabled him to satisfy the Minister of lifestyle. whilst you see so much braveness, anger to win in a being who is disadvantaged of his limbs, it's far tough for you to hand a coin to someone who is healthy, with complete limbs and who voluntarily comes to a decision to do not anything of his lifestyles.

And unluckily this 2d category is not badly represented here in Côte d'Ivoire. Their preferred places? site visitors lighting fixtures, streetsides, famous market, in short, places in which the most variety of humans may be found at the same time. this is a piece of what their "offices" look like.

And the tragedy is that they involve negative harmless children. youngsters whose place is at college however who come to be employees of adults or parents who are lazy and without dignity. regardless of how an awful lot earnings you gather, you'll surely never have cash for lazy human beings.

if you virtually understand this inspirational story i realize you will recognize why you need to never give cash to any beggar.

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Adama Traoré Ivorian Sococé


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