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Lady posts nice picture of herself but many notice something strange about a father and son.

There is nothing as frustrating as finding out that the picture your expected to come out perfect has been photobombed. Photobombing is the act of purposely putting oneself into the view of a photograph, often in order to play a practical joke on the photographer or the subjects. Photobombing has received significant coverage since 2009

One lady's photo has recently been photobombed after she posted a picture of herself, but the photobombing in this case was not a prank though. The lady posted this👇🏾

The camera also snapped a father and son that were seemingly coming from church, tweeps noticed the clear dismay in the father's face. Both father and son looked at the girl as she snapped photos in the middle of the road.

Tweeps could not let this go, they dragged the lady disturbing the peace in a quiet lonely street and messing up a lovely day for the father and son.

The expression on the father's face is a classic, you can clearly see he was not expecting to see what he saw on the street.

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