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History of a Queen who killed the men she slept with so they do not live to tell the tale.

Queen Amina of Zaria, conceived in 1533, is one of the sixteenth century's most renowned holy figures. While many of her accomplishments have been documented, only a few people admit how angry and scandalous she was. Her legend inspired the basis for the American television series "Xena - the hero princess."

Sidney According to John Hogben, she took another dear in every town she visited throughout her struggle to develop the Hausa dominion. All of which she executed before daylight, ensuring that no one would survive to tell the tale.

Although Ruler Nikatau and Queen Bakwa Turunku should be her ancestors, she spent more time at court with her grandfather. Her granpa supported her and instilled in her a wealth of political and military knowledge.

At a very young age, she amassed a large following. One of whom promised her "ten slaves for regular service" from Makama, while the emir of Kano offered her "fifty male slaves and fifty female slaves, as well as fifty bags of white and blue material."

After her kin Karama acknowledged the seat, Amina morphed into his replacement. Zaria, a city in Kaduna state, is named after her more vivacious sister. The Queen is the first female to attain the title of "sarauniya" in a male-dominated society.

When she was assigned, one of her first presentations was to her family, requiring them to "resharpen their weapons." Her troopers were often disorganized and rambunctious. Her primary purpose of expanding the Hausa territory began only three months later, and she possessed unfathomable strength.

Zazzau ruled a larger territory throughout her reign, and she amassed an enormous wall around her domain until she was defeated by the British (1904). A portion of these dividers do exist in Zaria.

According to Islamic researcher Dan Tafa, she kicked the pail towards the spot where day Idah was introduced in 1610 (due to dark/undocumented conditions). That far, she had triumphed. Females in the North were suffocated and limited to irrelevant roles as a result of her demise.

Considering all of this, and this is just the beginning, our beloved sovereign is frequently referred to as "The Warrior Queen." She extended the Hausa people's territory in north Africa to its biggest number of guests ever.

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