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The Three Most Dangerous Prisons in The World (Photos)

It is possible to break into certain jails quite easily; nevertheless, these three prisons are among the most hazardous in the world, making it nearly difficult to start an attack on security officers and successfully escape.

1. Tadmor

A terrible jail from which the only way out was to die. When the Tadmor jail in the Syrian desert was used as a detention facility by Hafez El-opponents Assad's from 1971 until 2000, it was a nightmare for all those imprisoned there.

In Syria, the now-destroyed Tadmor jail of Palmyra was known as "the kingdom of death and madness" by the Syrian poet who was held there.

Muslim Brotherhood members opposed to the administration of the current president demonstrated outside the fortress's walls, generating social unrest and increasing the movement's popularity

In 2015, it was taken over by the Islamic State, who set fire to the city's structures. Tadmor Prison was dubbed "the worst jail in the land" by those fortunate enough to have survived there without going insane.

2. Alcatraz prison

Originally built as a fortification to guard the harbour in 1850, the structure was strengthened by American engineers by adding a citadel and thick walls. However, Alcatraz was first used as a military jail in the early 1900s before being turned over to the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 1933 for administration purposes.

Alcatraz Federal Prison, located on a nine-hectare island in San Francisco Bay, is one of the most renowned US prisons ever constructed.

Because Alcatraz Prison held such allure for the outlaws, they aspired to serve their sentences there, despite the absurdity of the idea.

In the same year, Alcatraz jail opened its doors to civilian inmates and began accepting them. The government intended this jail to represent the struggle against crime since it was concerned about the rise in the number of homicides. From that point on, this jail was a one-of-a-kind prison because of its location and management, as well as the legend and renown that surrounded it.

3. Qincheng prison

This Soviet-funded jail, first opened in 1958, mostly held war criminals and political inmates. When new convicts arrived, the quality of their time in jail was largely determined by their social standing and the gravity of their crimes. Let's head to Changping District in Beijing, China, to see Qincheng Prison up close.

Whistles wake him up at seven in the morning and send him to bed at nine in the evening. In addition, the lights are left on throughout the night so that the security officers can see it. Prisoners also had to sleep with their hands off the covers.

A high-ranking prisoner might expect better living circumstances and more free time, but this was not the case for the lower-ranked inmate. There are a couple things going for it here. In place of his name, we now refer to him just by his identification number (ID#). As a result of the limited view from his window, he has no idea what's going on around him.

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