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Meet a young man who uses egg shells to create amazing portraits, that will surely catch your eye


It takes time to master your skills, that is why many young people with talents practice daily. A young man with an amazing talent left people in awe on social media after sharing images of his art work. On the images people can see talented celebrities who made their fame through music and acting.

These images were made out of what people call junk, yes he used egg shells to portray our beloved celebrities. His work is unlike any other, since he mastered the skill from a young age. What people thought was impossible became a reality, good thing about his art work is that nothing is thrown away. People in his community as well as bakeries sell egg shells to him.

Creating a better economy to those who used to throw away shells instead of finding their better use. Sometimes it is wise to practice something until you master it, look at him now he is ripping fruits of his hard work in a good manner instead of breaking into people's homes.

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