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Video: Drama as a Witch is caught in the act, watch below


Some things are hard to believe, especially if it has never happened to you or you have never seen it with your own eyes. Some people find it hard to believe that witchcraft exists since they say that there is no witchcraft, it is not true. 

 And it is understandable why it is so difficult for people not to believe in witchcraft because it often happens in the country. People who live in rural areas are the ones who generally experience such things. And so far it has been claimed that places like Venda, Limpopo, Harare, etc. they are places that are normally subject to witchcraft. Because of this, you will find people fleeing these places and prefer to stay in places other than rural areas. Since witches do not wish for the good of other people, they will do their best to bring you down. 

 Although those things are hard to believe, a video of a witch captured with her right hand by the owner of the house on her roof has been shared on social media. The video asks you questions like who are you and what? You do? Also, since the witches supposedly don't know what they are doing, this woman seemed confused about what she was doing there, or even who she is. 

 In one such situation, where a witch is caught, alleged to take time to regain consciousness, and caught naked for allegedly being used, they are not themselves.

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