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Slavery has camouflaged its self in society

Slavery has camouflaged its self in society

written by Patrick Baloyi

Slavery has changed its self throughout our history and has camouflaged its self in society. Some may urge that slavery is what you perceive in your mind and how you explain it that makes it for what it is, but the truth is that slavery as a social construct has survived for many years within society, making it hard for one to see it. 

When we think about slavery, we need to think about the concept described by C. Wright mills in his book the promise. He introduced a concept called " SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION" as a device that allows us to view society, its constructions, and the connection between the two. Using this device makes us understand how slavery as a construct has managed to camouflage itself in society while changing its formation. for example, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic

 ''The number of employed individuals in The United States increased to 153680 Thousand in September of 2021 from 153154 Thousand in August of 2021.''

The gathered stats everyone who is working in general terms becomes a modernized slave. Because of the hours, sweat that they must give in. It also cuts through everything we do in life. For example, we spend almost 16 years studying, acquiring education from an early age to work for someone. It is so interesting that education as a structure and getting a job have blindfolded us into believing that we are free from suffering. We are all slaves of what we have constructed in society.

Likewise, money constitutes the power of buying and selling that creates a distinction between poor and rich. 

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