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In Shock|| Phoenix Indians Have Done It Again, South Africans Are Fuming.

South Africans are fuming after seeing what Phoenix indians claim about the accused!!!

It is another shocking incident to black South Africans.South Africans are left heartbroken yet again after seeing what indians claim after killing innocent people during the riot.People believe the massacred people will never find peace as Phoenix indians continue showing no remorse.Now they demand the release of all the accused suspect and claim them as their "heroes".

This has angered South Africans and they claim that indians are just disrespecting them in their own country.

Seemingly the racism is not yet over and black people in Durban are expected to just forgive and forget.But indians once again claim that the accused did nothing but to protect their area and need to be released.For the matter, South Africans believe that the indian are just urinating on their fresh graves, just before their bodies decompose.

What happened in Phoenix was traumatizing but still indians continue to rub it on the face of the massacred families.

What are your views with this? Share below!!!

Source: Vusumuzi Khoza

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