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Kibatta, My Helper, The Ancient Way To Riches, Fiction

They say that money makes the world go round, many may argue but the truth remains that it is true in this modern times that we live in. The road to success is very steep and hard, few manage to make it the hard way either through school or by other legal means or entrepreneurship. Well there is a very old story that the old people where I come from used to tell about a very large and colorful snake that lives deep underground behind the waterfalls. This snake is said to be a descendant of the Great Waterfall Serpent Kganyapa, The protector of the land and its people. She is also the protector of the river. The young men in the community who want to become rich go to a sacred mountain, this is where the initiation of men occurs. This is where the Great Serpent will come and choose a strong healthy boy with a brave heart to be a companion to.This Serpent is a spirit snake from beneath the earth and spreads luck to the person who it lives with. The boy who comes home with a large snake following him will be known as the strongest man in the community and will eventually become rich. This snake will spread luck all over your house and act as a protector to your household. This is the way that the old men say that men used to get rich. Some old men in the community still believe that this is the way that people still get rich. I won't say that they are lying because I don't know.

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