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OPINION |South Africans refuses to name heritage, a khoisan day

THE ONLY NATIVE PEOPLE OF SA is the khoisan, yet they continue to be oppressed, stripped of their identity & land, while SA heritage day does not celebrate khoi khoi and San kings of the past, let alone line their pockets with millions paid for by taxpayers.

''The Khoisan were skilled hunter-gatherers & nomadic farmers who lived off the land. In spite of their earliest presence, they are among the country's most persecuted people, even after the fall of Apartheid, they are among the most forgotten as well.''

The name 'Khoisan' is a blend of 'Khoikhoi' and 'San' – two groups who shared similar cultures and languages. But they were in no way related.

It started with them indoctrination us that their children are the true indigenous people of this land as opposed to real Africans during Bantu education a lie that is still taught in our schools today.

“From the ancient Khoisan reverence of the eland to the contemporary conception of the dog as “man’s best friend”, humans and animals have a storied relationship, one that is a part of the fabric of our society, homes and lives."-Justice Khampepe

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