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Mark Manson's most sold book: BOOK REVIEW (all you need to know)

Mark Manson's most sold book: BOOK REVIEW (all you need to know)

Author of "The Subtle Art of not giving a F#ck", Mark Manson was born on the 9th of March, 1984. His place of birth and bred is the US, Texas. He is a graduate of Boston University and is married to Fernanda Neute.

The blogger authored one of the most trending and amazing self-help books. And this article will focus on not only reviewing, but also providing a few stances from the book.

Publicly released on September 2016,and has sold over 12 million copies world-wide. This should echo the amount of impact and influence it has.

This book is the perfect definition of: Truth that Society Refuses to Accept.

It focuses on ways that an individual can actively mind their own business and not be directly influenced by external forces. It provides the following stances: Everyone in the world is average, Happiness is a problem, Life with always have Problems, The human mind is sick, The importance of knowing your limits and more.

1. Everyone in the world is average.

Manson labels this as the "Tyranny of Exceptionalism", which simply states that no one can be perfect in everything or anything. This idea opposes all that is seen on social media. Social media platforms and the media, in general, promote unrealistic expectations that when consumed, people are left feeling inadequate, worthless and inferior. Manson believes that everyone is average and no one can be as exceptional as the media says.

2. Happiness is a problem

Happiness is a problem particularly if it is measured or achieved through possession of certain phenomena. Often times, people are convinced that when they finally drive that fancy car, have the perfect body/skin, have the perfect partner or large amounts of money they will reach happiness. A very unhealthy way to look at life. Instead, people should strive for inner transformation because worldly things end with time.

Manson further reinforced this idea by providing briefly the history of Buddah, who grew up with everything he needed around him, his father shielded him so much that he had no idea of the outside world. One day, the Buddah decided to go explore life, in the hope of discovering the mystery of life. Still and so, living out of his high level of comfort did not benefit him intrinsically. It was at this moment of his life, that the Buddah discovered that internal happiness should not be attached to possession or external phenomena.

3. The human mind is sick

Manson highlighted that humans forget that the mind is meant to be effective, not accurate. Therefore, by actually believing their thoughts/hearts and living by them, humans are setting themselves for failure. Minds create the most rigid ideas, paradigms and perspectives about various things, to a point that even when there is real proof that these perspectives are untrue, the mind refuses to adapt. Manson suggests that humans depend on their mind less.


These are some of the ideas echoed by this book. They are truly accurate and show a distinct view of the behaviour of humans, behaviour that is inversely proportional to human evolution.

Mark Manson provided a broad view of the truth humans refuses to accept.

Thank you for reading. Please like, comment and follow for more book reviews.


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BOOK: The Subtlre Art of Not Giving A F*ck.

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