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Pakistanis moved into a heritage building and started renovations in Gayton McKenzie's territory.

If this is an important heritage site why is it abandoned There is also a possibility that someone owns it. They just don't know what to do with coz the building can't be used for its heritage history which is no longer significant in this day and age. 

Gayton McKenzie


Pakistanis moved into a heritage building and started renovations, this building is opposite the office of the Beaufort West Mayor, such lawlessness and disrespect shall be dealt with swiftly before end of today. Watch this space shortly

People are divided on Twitter, some say the way foreigners do as they wish in South Africa it’s like they found an empty country with no people. They don’t see us. Some one responded by saying just like the caucasians who go around claiming that they discovered Africa as though our forebears were not here.


Owner arrested, two shops closed, on 2 the next shops, we shall not allow lawlessness in Central Karoo, wanna thank all involved, we ain’t playing here, we cleaning our towns.

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