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Participate in challenges for October and walk away with decent cash every week

To encourage original and high-quality content and reward authors who put effort into writing. Opera News Hub provides wonderful competitions every month. We are maintaining this excellent tradition in October. In addition, we shorted one competition’s cycle from monthly to weekly to benefit writers who are busy on certain days. You are more than welcome to participate in the challenges every week. But there is an option for you to partly participate in the weeks you can focus on now.

1. Writing Original Articles To Share R8000-12000 EVERY WEEK in October.

To share a cash reward, you must meet the conditions below:

1. Published Articles>=35

2. Original articles>=10

3.Average Clicks per Article >= 2,000

4.Average Engagement( Share+Likes+Favorite)>=10

Note: A rejected article is an invalid article that doesn't count as a published article.

Duration and deadline

This event will run 4 rounds in October as follows:

1.1st - 7th October

2.8th-14th October

3.15th-21st October

4.22nd-31st October

Prize setting: 

1. The first 3 weeks’ prize would be 8000 rands per week. 

2. Since 22nd - 31st has 10 days and the period is longer, the total prize for the last 10 days would be 12000 rands.

3. All writers who meet the conditions will split the prize evenly

Payment date:

Winners will be announced every Friday for the previous week.

Prizes will be paid along with the October articles' payment in November 2021. 

2. Active On Opera News Hub 30 Days To Share 15000 Rands.

The second event is just for the authors who persisted in creating on Opera News Hub. 

There is only one condition to share the big prize:

active days >=30 in October


Active day: If you have published at least one article on a day, that day is an active day.

Note: A rejected article is an invalid article that doesn't count as a published article.

Duration and deadline

This runs from the 1st to the 31st of October 2021.

Payment date

Winners will be announced before the 3rd of November 2021.

Prizes will be paid along with the October articles' payment in November 2021. 

Below is a conclusion Q&A about "Original" and hope this could help you to write more original articles.


What kind of articles will be approved as original? What’s Opera’s standard?


The following criteria can be considered as originality

1. The number of words in the article is more than 300 words, and 2 high-definition and good quality graphics at least.

2. Non-short news or message and simple news content, non-news splicing content.

3. The content needs to have unique insights or have a higher difficulty in obtaining and collating. In other words, the article should contain the writer's own analysis and opinion, not just a basic report.

4. The logic is complete, the argumentation is detailed, and there is no grammar error or typo.


The original article was approved, then the tag disappeared later, why?

Opera News Hub has 2 manual review processes, this happens when the first reviewer approves the article as original but the second reviewer doesn’t think it meets our standard and changes it to ordinary in the second review. 


Could the reviewers be wrong about the originality? 

We are trying our best to minimize the mistakes. But yes, there definitely could be mistakes from us. If reviewers made a mistake on the originality, writers don't need to worry too much. Send us an email ([email protected]), and the qualified articles can be re-corrected in 24 hours. 

You can also report an article that is not qualified but gets the original tag in 24 hours.

Here's the detailed announcement for when and how to send us a complaint email about the original tag:



5 smart ways to write original content:


Review what happened

When there is breaking news, one smart way to write your original content is to find out the exact thing that happened, and then to review it.

You can go on to show different versions that differ from what the public knows.


Analyze the cause and collect other information

Another smart way to write unique articles on trending news is to analyze the situation, and also collect other information.

You can check out the background to the news event, and also compare it with something similar that happened in the past.

Users of the app like to know what is going on around them, and what people are saying. So, it is also a smart idea to write about reactions gathered from social media.


State an opinion

When a news article has gone viral, the next thing people look out for is an opinion piece discussing whether what happened in the news is good, or not.

Another kind of article that will definitely generate a lot of engagement on the Opera News app is one that discusses the consequences of what happened. What will be the probable result? Make sure you answer this question in your article.

You can go on to share what the social impact of this news would be.


Monitor the progression of the news event

To get a high-quality article around trending news, you have to keep an eye on the new development. Tell readers what the result of what happened is (make sure it is gotten from a reliable source).

Just like the second way to share reactions, you can write about how the public, especially the celebrities, reacted when they discovered the truth about the initial trending news.



You can give a summary of the news event. To do this, you should monitor the progression of the news so as not to miss any vital parts.

These are 5 smart ways to write your original content around trending news, and if you pattern your articles after these ways, you will definitely get a lot of clicks.

Don’t forget, the timeliness of these articles is very important.


Good luck with the competitions and we are looking forward see you listed in the winner announcement.

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