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Most South Africans do not actual know that there are Ngunis, not what they think they are (opinion)

When the Portuguese arrived in this country before the Dutch in 1552, the Portuguese said that they found tribe in the present day KZN and part of the east of Eastern Cape called Ngunis. Unfortunately, the white people who colonised South Africa, later decided to divide Ngunis into smaller tribes. The called the others Zulu after Shaka Zulu, when Shaka overpowered his brother, following the death of the Nguni King, Mthethwa, Shaka declared himself a king and everybody in KZN was called Zulu after Shaka Zulu.

The other Ngunis were called Swazi, others, Ndebeles, others Xhosa, that is why Nguni people got common surnames. Unfortunately the white people divided people. If you speak Xhosa, you hear Zulu, Ndebele, all these languages are similar. The difference is just borrowed words from surrounding tribes. Xhosa borrowed words from Khoi. Most Xhosa family name got more important than their Nguni surname. Swatis borrowed from Tsongas. Ndebeles borrowed words from Sothos. 

It is believed that, Nguni people migrated from Egypt to the Great Lakes region of sub-equatorial Central/East Africa and walked down south until they landed in the present day KZN

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