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Meet The Woman Who Never Went To School, But Has Lectured At Havard University, Canada & UK

So many remarkable men and women have achieved worldwide fame despite the fact that they were not able to complete their secondary education in the traditional sense. Throughout this post, we will be talking about a Nigerian woman who never attended to school yet has lectured at various prestigious universities throughout the world.

Nike Davies Okundaye, the Chief of Police, is a stunningly gorgeous woman. According to sources, she is a Nigerian textile designer who specializes in batik and adire textiles and has achieved international recognition and acclaim. Unfortunately, Mrs Nike Davies Okundaye's mother died while she was quite young, and it was her grandmother who cared for her until she was an adult. She was forced to drop out of school since her grandma couldn't afford to pay her tuition costs.

In interviews, she revealed that her grandparents are skilled in the creation of various African art forms such as adire making, cloth weaving, and many others, and that she learned how to create art from her grandmother after she dropped out of school.

This remarkable woman is the founder of an African art enterprise in Osogbo, Osun State, as well as the founder of the Nike Art Gallery, which is located in the same city.

Take a look at these gorgeous photographs of her.

MMrs Nike Davies Okundaye has lectured at various famous universities, including those in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Harvard University, despite the fact that she did not attend school.

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