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No Human Being On Earth Has Ever Been Able To Break This Man’s Record, He’s More Than A Human

People used to live for many years, according to the Holy Book. People born in the nineteenth century, on the other hand, have a life span ranging from 70 to 100 years due to changes in nutrition, climate, and other factors. Only a few people in this generation have lived through the previous 100 years. This article will tell you about Methuselah, who is considered to be the oldest man in the Bible.

Adam's ancestors can be traced all the way back to Noah, the first man's direct descendent. He married and had Lamech as a son 187 years later. Lamech was the world's longest-living human, having lived for 782 years. Methuselah died one week before the first great flood, according to biblical chronology. For decades, he has been widely regarded as asch due to his status as the world's oldest man.

Because no one will survive for more than 200 years with today's lifestyle, Methuselah will continue to maintain the title of the world's oldest human.


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