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Drinking Cow Blood And Fighting For Women, The Strange Tradition Of The Suri Tribe

Many tribes exist that you are unaware of, and there are many distinct types of individuals in the globe. Each tribe has its own traditions and rituals, which vary according to their geographical location. What I am going to tell you about is a tribe that will go to any length for their ladies, and they are willing to give their lives if necessary for their safety and happiness. The Suri Tribesmen of Ethopia are the name of the tribe, and you can learn more about them further below.

When each harvest season comes to a close, the Suri tribesmen engage in a competition known as "the Donga" or "the stick battle." This event is conducted at the end of each harvest season. A combination of rituals and sports are employed in this battle in order to train the young men how to get acclimated to large amounts of carnage in the event of a conflict.

Fighting usually takes place between several separate Suri villages, with each tribe often fielding between 20 and 30 combatants. During these fights, there is typically no compassion, and it may be extremely bloody and even fatal in certain instances. A side benefit of this fight is that any woman who wins without displaying any signs of discomfort will be given the opportunity to choose any other woman of her choosing as well.

In spite of the fact that a warrior has already made his choice of a wife, the lady has the right to refuse him because it is not a forced marriage. When a lady is chosen to be part of the Sufi tribe, it is considered a tremendous honor. It is customary for Suri Warriors to fight without armor in order to demonstrate to others that they are tough and do not require armour.

A cow's fresh blood must be consumed by the majority of Suri soldiers at the start of each Donga battle. The Suri tribe believes that the cow's blood, which contains vitamins, will provide vigor to the combatants throughout their battle. To prevent the blood from coagulating, the warriors must swallow the blood as quickly as possible. They must also avoid vomiting the blood.

After a battle, the victor usually celebrates with his friends and family before moving on to pick his wife from among the many options available. The combat can be deadly for some weak warriors, and their families will be paid if they lose their lives in battle.

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