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3 Reasons Why South Africans Should Visit Nigeria - Opinion

Tourism is one of the major reasons why people visit new places, but in the case of South Africans, visiting Nigeria is more than just tourism. 

Many people have visited and more are also visiting Nigeria for different purposes but mostly motivated by tourism. For South Africans, there are many reasons why South Africans should visit Nigeria. Some of those reasons include

1. Tourism

As a South African, it will be good for you to visit Nigeria. The country is a reasonable place to visit in terms of tourism even though presently some states are not to be visited because of Insecurity. States like Borno should not be visited because of the growing insecurity in the region.

Nigeria has many tourist destinations like Obudu Mountain Resort, Ikogosi Warm Springs, Idanre Hills, Yankari Game Reserve, Nike Art Gallery, Zuma Rock, Lekki Conservation Centre all are good tourist attractions that you visit. 

Note: Avoid states with an increase in kidnappings and killings in Nigeria. 

2. Learn Nigerian culture

Every day we learn new things till we die. As a South I recommend you visit Nigeria so that you can learn about their culture. We South Africans must forget any form of issues we have with Nigerians and learn from them. Nigeria has a long history that people need to learn about.

3. For record sake

Visiting Nigeria will be a good record to keep. Going to the most populous and famous black nation on earth is something that one can be proud of. So for record sake, it is also a good reason why South Africans Should Visit Nigeria.

4. Close relations that Nigeria has with South Africa

Photo of President of Nigeria and that of South Africa

Nigeria has very close diplomatic relations with South Africa, both countries are former British colonies, and both countries are members of the Commonwealth of Nations and the African Union. Some South Africans also come to worship in Nigerian churches like Synagogue Church of all Nations.

Nigeria is the giant of Africa and the most populous black nation on earth. Nigeria is a country located in the western part of Africa, blessed with so many mineral resources and over 200 million people. 

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