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Know the roots of khoi/san people

This is based on my knowledge and spiritual understanding 🙏🏿.

Let talk about the Khoi/San people

Most of us have Khoi/San ancestors we don’t know of and they do play a major role in our family lineage . These ancestors came a long way as some still exist today and whose territories span Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho,South Africa etc, some taken as slaves/ went overseas to experience existence and they populated that side as well .

The Khoi/San are amongst the most powerful and wealthiest clan known hence .It was very difficult to trade with these people until they came to trust the “Afrikaans/English” speaking people .

Because the skin color was closer to theirs but because of the language cannot say how they eventually got to agreement 🤷🏿‍♂️.

As they traded, I would assume hence the clan was powerful and the “Europeans “ didn’t know how to get rid of them hence they were always VIGILANT and SPIRITUALLY WOKE.

They tricked them into alcoholism (Beer,Gin,Wines) the Europeans came with, Maybe they were too drunk and they got shot and killed because Europeans had gun.

Thus stealing land, livestock and our forefathers wives and women . I bet you can put 1 + 1 together and research further if one has these ancestors.

Most are self taught healers hence they hunted themselves and had knowledge of different kinds of animals, bones, herbs , waters etc for healing and consumption .

Some used cow/goat blood and certain concoctions to rituals for their spiritual etc🙏🏿

That is why you find today, most people with Khoi/San people ventured to ZCC Church to avoid alcohol because of what transpired in the past.

ZCC is the most powerful church when it come to HEALING.

They use modern things that one can get at shops and certain waters to heal because when one used herbs 🌿 back then.

They were deemed as WITCHES.we salute our forefathers who continued to use these herbs and bones and also those who used holy water from ZCC to save us (our grandmothers and grandfathers) who went to this church🔱. RESPECT .

The reason why you are now told to leave ZCC, you hear a prophet/Lebone/light/messenger saying “Your things are no longer here in this church.

and you become shocked thinking they are chasing you away or they are talking nonsense . They are saving you of what’s coming, go suit up.

Remember that the Leader of the Church comes from the Royal bloodline and so do you there at ZCC.

The problem starts when you (of the royal bloodline “ start working for another King for free. Your ancestors don’t like that, trust me.

They appreciate what the church has done and now it’s TIME to learn how to pray using CANDLES, SNUFF, incense etc . It’s okay to use them , you are an AFRICAN CHILD . Or you have to work for your ancestors and heal anothers so you can feed your family and not work for free.

Another reason why dreaming of white people can be interpreted in various ways:

1. If the whites destroyed your family lineage and other bad things were done to try wipe you bloodline, the “white people “ in your dreams will symbolize “spiritual partner “

2. If the whites build a relationship with your bloodline and populated then the dream will have a different meaning as to you having “Foreign Ancestors”, dreaming of a white baby, man, woman, Indians etc.  

That is why most Khoisan bloodline that exists today is the “Coloured people “ who comprises of either (Khoi/san + Xhosa), (Khoi/San + Zulu), (Khoi/San + White people).

(Khoi/San + Pedi/Ndebele/Swati) etc .I’m talking in terms of the intimacy in order for them to populate as they spread throughout the world .

Content created and supplied by: Lurcia (via Opera News )

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