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OPINION - Meet the Pedi people

The Pedi people came from Western Sothos, better known as BaTswana and are descendants of the BaKgatla, a Tswana speaking clan who ended up living in 'Bopedi', present-day GaSekhukhune in Limpopo. GaSekhukhune is the land between Olifants Steelpoort River also known as the Lepelle and the Tubatse.

The Pedi people traces their roots from the Hurutse, who claim descend from

Malope, who was the son of Masilo. Malope had three sons, Mohurutse, Kwena and

Mokgatla each eventually establishing their own tribes. Mokgatla's sons

Legabo, Pogopi and

Botlolo succeeded him. After the death of Botlolo, the tribe divided into two sections,

under Mogale and Tabane. Mogale, the elder son, remained near Rustenburg. Tabane left with his group and settled at what is known as Schilpadfontein. This group eventually gave rise to the Mmakau, the

Motsha and the Pedi. Years later Thulare (c. 1780–1820) who is a descendant of Pedi people emerged.

During Thulare's reign, him and his people were frequently attacked by Matebeles of Mzilikazi.

Till this day, the Kingdom that was founded by Thulare is there in Limpopo in Ga Sekhukhune and these people are the real Pedi, whilst the rest of Sotho speaking people.

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