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South African Artist Stripped By Police During A Protest (SEE VIDEO)



A week ago, South African Opera singer Sibongile Mngoma was sleeping outside the Department of Sports Arts And Culture so she could have a meeting with Arts Minister Nathi Mthethwa. This comes after the 60 days protest that happened earlier this year outside the offices of the National Arts Council of South Africa regarding the maladministration of the R360 million Covid-19 funding.

Instead of being assisted, there was a court order to get them out of the building but the artist refused to leave. Mthethwa failed to engage with them or to give them answers regarding the stimulus package.

Mngoma slept outside the department's building to demand the removal of Mthethwa from his portfolio. However, two police officers tried to get them off the building, alleging that they had no permission to protest, and threatened to arrest them for breaking curfew hours.


As artists still have no answers or feedback from Mthethwa, a meeting was arranged for the artist to meet with the department's officials the past Tuesday so they hear their grievances. However, members of the SAPS, Tshwane traffic police, and security guards ganged up on the protesting artists to force them to leave.

In a video that has gone viral, Mngoma was dragged to the ground and stripped by law enforcement, brutally removing her T-shirt. The department refused to honor the appointment but tried to intimidate the protesting artists.


Some of the artists were arrested by the police, although they were in a peaceful protest and did not damage any property or government equipment.

Public's Opinion

The masses are shocked that Mngoma was degraded and that police used force on her and arrested other artists by using force although they were not resisting arrest and they did not break any law.

Author's Opinion

If Nathi Mthethwa and other senior officials are not helping the artist that they should be fighting for then they must all go. The department needs an overhaul, and systematic change is needed.

President Cyril Ramaphosa continues to turn a blind eye and has turned deaf on the matter, and chose to endorse a minister that does not service artists. It is depressing how the public ignores the plight of their artists until they pass away, wherein Mthethwa will attend and speak highly of the departed.

There should be a high price to pay for police brutality. The violation of Human Rights should not be tolerated. What a shameful act. Mngoma and the other abused artists must sue the police and the entire department.

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