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Mzansi People Reacts On Rasta Drawing Deborah Fraser

As bad and unusual death could be for a lot of people, Onething which has now been turned into a very usual norm about death in mzansi for a lot of South Africans is the fact whenever a big and prominent South African passes on South Africans just need to stay glued to they tweeter as they wait for Rasta to pay tribute to the deceased through some paintwork.

As good as the idea of paying tribute could be one sad reality is that it don't always end as well as it should as a tribute. Sometimes the idea of paying tribute escalates to Rasta getting no stop insults and criticism for there's people who happen to deem some of his craft as extremely ugly to be seen nor considered as tributes.

With the legendary Deborah Fraser being the most recent prominent person to pass on Rasta has went out to pay tribute as usual and he came up with paintings such as this as his tribute (see pics attached below)

Well as usual this tribute arts of his has stired up some controversial comments from a lot of mzansi people who some of them happen to be good fans of the late Deborah Fraser, Have a loot at the screenshoots attached below to see what some of them has said so far 

With all this being said by various people what is that you have to say an an individual? I mean have a look at one of Deborah Fraser's pics below and try and compare the looks with that Rasta has come up with 

After seeing her looks on this pic above do you think that the people who seem to be against Rasta's portrait o tweeter are wrong or right? Please let us know what you think by simply writing us a comment in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please.


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