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The Hidden Truth Behind The White Flag Placed In South African Homes Is Finally Revealed

The streets of South Africa can be somehow awkward or entertaining. They can tell a thousand stories, but only if someone found out what is the true meaning behind all these weird things hanging from people's homes. They can last days, weeks, or even 10 years, but many people are not interested in the facts. South Africa has 11 official languages and so many cultures, yet many tourists know a lot about our cultural beliefs than we do. Image credit: Twitter

We want to share a dialect and sensitive matter with everyone. Many people have seen many flags hanging from people's homes, but what do they mean or stand for? Let's turn our focus to the white flag. During the days of Apartheid, the police had to be able to distinguish between a so-called illegal gathering and a wedding. A white flag was then use used to indicate that it is a wedding. In the event of a funeral, we had to smear our window with a mixture of ash and water. It made things easier for guests who are not from around the area. Image credit: Google

The way people use it and explain it, it's different compared to the olden days. For example, in the Ndebele culture, they use it as a sign for a traditional wedding, and it also serves as an invitation for the community. Many people think the white raised flag indicates that traditional beer is sold at that house because the flag has been hanging for weeks or months. We hope the cat is out of the bag and everyone finally knows the hidden truth behind the white flag. Image credit: Google



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